Slide + Sound: QOL based Planning of Urban Transport Planning Utilising ICT

Keynote: Yoshitsugu Hayashi
Professor of Chubu University, Full Member of Club of Rome, Ex-President of The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS)


The main stream of this keynote speech is

  1. to network the existing transport system TukTuk by ICT,
  2. to evaluate the performance of network plan based on time serial profile of QOL(Quality of Life) versus CO2 emission,
  3. to propose options of policies combining infrastructure improvement by visualised 3D mappings,
  4. to develop big data for planning.

Yoshitsugu Hayashi is Professor of Chubu University as well as Emeritus Professor, Nagoya University, Japan. He is also one of the 100 Full members of “Club of Rome” which is well known by its 1st report “The Limit to Growth” in 1972. At the same time he was President of WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research Society) which attracts more than 1,300 members from 83 countries.

Yoshitsugu Hayashi’s background is Civil Engineering. The major fields of research are analysis and modelling of transport – land use interactions and the countermeasure policy to overcome negative impacts of urbanisation and motorisation. The results are published in such books as “Land Use, Transport and The Environment”, “Urban Transport and the Environment – An International Perspective”, “Intercity Transport and Climate Change – Strategies for Reducing the Carbon Footprint”, the Japanese Edition of “Factor 5” originally authored by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker,, etc.

An application to practice includes his proposition of rail transit oriented urban reform to overcome Bangkok’s hyper congestion as the leader of JICA project in mid 90’s, which became the trigger to reverse the budget of road vs. rail from 1:99 in 90’s to 82:14 in Transport 2020 Plan. He is also now the leader of JICA/JST research project “e-Integrated Smart Transport to Dually Achieve CO2 Reduction and People’s Well-Being to support THAILAND 4.0”.

He is also a board member of the Engineering Academy of Japan, Ex-Vice President of JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers) in charge of Redesigning Japan to be Resilient, Leader of a Global Center of Excellence Programme “From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies”, and Leader of “Smart Shrink” movement as a key strategy for declining and aging cities. The results are published in such books as “Sustainability – Future Balance between Nature and Civilisation”, “Sustainable Society after the Great East Japan Earthquake”, “Diagnosis and Prescription for China’s Urbanisation – Paradigm Change of Development and Growth”, “Disaster Resilient Citie, Concepts and Practical Examples”, etc.

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